Dear Little E

Well what a month! So many positive things happening and in the last 6 weeks your world has been turned around for the better!

Well for starters you competed in your first dancing competition and made pre quarter finals in two of your three heats! You trained so hard and had a blast, all the hard work you did finally paid off! πŸ™‚ April the 6th the marked the anniversary of you being six months free from cutting – that’s half a year Little E woohoo! Your new found confidence has set you up for so much now you found your passion and have now started your degree – a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education. As an aspiring teacher you began work in a Preschool working with 2-5 year olds and the kids adore you. Better yet, Little E while you are teaching these little people they are teaching you so much about yourself and helping you heal from your emotional traumas. You are teaching and learning and you finally found your calling. The bonds you have formed with some of the children is amazing you are touching the hearts and lives and leaving a lasting impression on them! ❀

But the biggest shock of your life happened on the 22nd of march 2017 you were re united with your older brother whom you havent seen in 12 years! Whilst in hospital with a sprained ankle you saw him, numb with shock and your girlfriend at your side you burst into tears! He spoke to you and you smiled as you realised your life was complete now. I hope he remains part of your life forever. I will write a separate blog about us so watch this space πŸ™‚

The pieces of your lifes puzzle are finally falling into place and I’m so proud of you for finding and pursuing your passion as an Early childhood teacher. You got lost in your mind and strayed from your calling but life hurts more than death and nothings easy but this month your life took a turn for the better and Im super proud of you. The universe is opening up to you now. Little E you are one of the strongest people I know you were the one who would always build others up only because you know what its like to be torn down. I look forward to seeing what becomes of you now. You have a chemical imbalance in your brain you did not ask for this life, yet people stigmatize you but please promise me one thing – keep fighting – never be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson not a life sentence! So to all the haters I have one thing to say – “Judge me and I’ll prove you all wrong”

You are destined for greatness and the universe is your oyster

Emmy xx