Little E

Your life has always been an uphill battle and you’ve defied the odds at every turn. Despite the trauma, the heartbreak and various tortures you’ve been through you have made it to the 7th month clean from cutting, you attended your first college course,got a merit in your practice assignment and handed in another, you volunteer 16 -18 hours per week in the preschool and you started the first phase of an 18 month long intensive outpatient treatment for BPD.

Your work place has turned to shit, you spend much of your work day in a dissociative state, stressed when you get home, worried for your work future and feeling like you’ve lost your power. But then, all of a sudden you discovered your own strength, your inner warrior and you snatched your power back and the game began to change.

You knew that life wasn’t going to be easy but you never knew it’d be this hard little E I wish I could’ve shielded you, told you how to fight through it but I just don’t know what to do to help you. I’m so proud of your accomplishments this year . Never give up fighting 

Your eyes told a thousand lies and everybody believed them. When people looked into your eyes you wanted someone to realise it was all a game – but they were all so stupid.
I look forward to the coming months and seeing what becomes of you. You are so strong and so much more than your scars and they can’t take that away.

Love ❤️ 

Emmy x